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Use Arcade Expressions as Field Names in Popups

04-05-2023 01:51 PM
Status: Open
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I am currently working with a text field that has both a year value and an integer value concatenated together like so:

50,248 (2022)

I have created two arcade expressions, one extracting the integer value and the other extracting the year value.  It would be great if we were able to use an arcade expression as the field name in the default 'Fields list' content option in the Popup windows.

I can do that with 'Text' content option, but I cannot get it formatted to look as good as the default 'Fields list' option.  Additionally, having an option to "Hide if Empty", would be a huge UX improvement.

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Take a look at the Arcade element in popups. These are the recommended way to implement multiple expressions into a popup, and can be used to create dynamic field lists, complete with both custom field names and hiding empty attributes.