UI Update for Member Roles Add/Edit

12-30-2019 02:47 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

With the update (Sometime in Sept 2019) of ArcGIS Online, (I honestly cannot remember when the change was implemented) modified the look of the Create Role and Edit Roles within an organization. From a view which showed all the options has a Checkbox system, has changed to a in window "pop-up" within the current Member Role (manage roles section). This new feature is a step in the opposite direction for ArcGIS Online Administrators of large organizations and accounts. The new EDIT or NEW ROLE pop-up window, groups role privileges into collapsible/expandable groups. Requiring a user to Click open or expand all and stumble through to find the privilege we are looking to assign. Some of the draw backs I would say are.

  • Very Long Vertical list, for example General Privileges > Content > has 6 choices, which i need to scroll down through.
  • White Space, I feel as if this UI/UX was developed with mobile or tablets in mind. There is immense about of white space. Which bloats the look and feel of this.
  • Small Text/Poor Font. While the name of the "Privilege is" BOLD and LIGHT GREY, its difficult to read where the Privilege begins/ends. 

With the previous iteration you had CHECKBOXES which could be moused over to READ THE DESCRIPTION, in this new Collap/Expand the priviledge description is now based under it. As an administrator we need to quickly review the capabilities and not have to search through a long list, and check slider buttons on the side.

I would implore that the UI/UX team please look into an alternative to how this EDIT/ADD ROLE information is displayed. Having it as a pop-up is useful but the way the information is displayed does no one any service who's using a 24" widescreen monitor. I also prefer if you could revert it... or add the option for seeing it in a more Table/Grid View.