Simple Lists to Change Status

10-31-2017 09:23 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

For an Emergency Operations Center I have the need for a Map to visually show road closures, trees down, wires down, flooding, etc...  I also need a simple list that you can click to update attributes for the items that have been mapped.  You should be able to enter an address and have it populate on the map.  EOC workers are not in the field and intake information from many sources.  Also Dispatch centers with access to the data want to be able to view a list of the closures.  There are apps built that are almost there but not as of yet. 

We currently use sharepoint to get the list portion and we update the lists but then someone has to go and update the map as well.

The people who maintain these lists and maps are not IT or GIS.  They are emergency responders.  I need to build them an app that allows them to type in a form and have it appear on a map.  Some people work best with lists some need to visually see what is going on.  Arcgis online should be able to accomplish this without requiring a users to click through multiple records because you can only look at one at a time.  The attribute table is nice to look at but I also need to be able to edit fields.