Share widget - Queries that work reliably and with large layers

12-27-2019 10:08 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Share widget bug

1) queries by value sometimes simply don't work, it doesn't add the values to the URL.

2) layers with hundreds of thousands of features literally crash the browser or take minutes to load. For some reason, the widget only works by a dropdown menu. Works fine with layers with a dozen features. With hundreds of thousands it grinds the browser to a halt as it retrieves literally the entire layer of features in the array. We have many layers with that many features. For example, Parcels, Addresses, Buildings, Trees, etc.  Also, there is another bug with this. It does not get all the values... it randomly drops some. We noticed several addresses missing from our Parcel layer for example. It seems like it drops about 25% of the feature values for some reason.

Easy fix though! - Add a text entry box. As proposed 

Make this the default behavior. Users start typing in to the text entry box. It begins to auto-complete matching features from the layer, like Suggest from Locators. However... I definitely still want to keep the option to also show a dropdown menu or sometimes even just a dropdown menu, for layers that have only a few features. So make both these entry methods an option

3) add ability to let users construct more advanced SQL queries like in Field Calculator in this text entry box. This would be a 'nice to have' further down the line in a future update. 

4) take it to the next level - queries like above but based on two or more layers, like Robert's 'eSearch' Spatial tab where you can search a layer by a text query combined with a spatial query. For example all Elementary Schools within 1 mile of Bus Routes, or something like that. Again, that would be neat.

The main thing first though is to get the Share working with a basic Query by attribute Value.  

Jianxia Song The Share widget is wonderful, incredible and powerful. Our main use case is allowing people to share links to a specific property in our property viewer.   For example, if a realtor wants to share a link to a property with their colleague, by a PIN Number or by an Address, they could use the Share Widget by Query to share the link.  Or to share a link to a School by Name, etc.  But currently that doesn't work half the time, the dropdown just shows up blank, or if it works and you click a value, for some reason it does not popular the URL in the preview box.  And if it loads, it's missing randomly about 25% of the values. It then bogs the browser down for several minutes while Chrome keeps asking if the page has crashed and if the user wants to close it.