Set map symbol styles based on attribute from relationship table in ArcGIS online

05-04-2015 05:53 PM
Status: Open
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It's great now that ArcGIS online supports relationship classes. It makes it easy to insert multiple inspections on an asset.  However, it's difficult for an inspector to visually see which assets they have already visited.
I would like to see the ability to symbolise the main feature by a statistic of its related records eg. Count of attribute from related records.  Currently you can add that statistic to the origin feature's popup. We just need to add ability to symbolise by that value.


Need this so badly!


PARTIAL SOLUTION: You can now create a join on AGOL between the layer and related record, keeping only the latest record or adding summery statistics from the corresponding records.

To symbolize by latest inspection:

Analysis --> Summarize Data --> Join Features

In box 4: Join one to one. Select "Define which record is kept." Select "Order By". Order by your date field, sort by Newest.

Check "Create results as hosted feature layer view"

You'll then have a new layer that you can use to symbolize by the latest related record. It updates automatically as the data changes in the original records/layer.

The limitation with this solution is you can't have a join/view layer on Collector map you plan on taking offline. If you try to download this map it will fail, which is a known limitation.


This is key feature for large organizations where data is collected and managed by different departments and the GIS department consumes their data via related tables and shares maps/apps with entire organization for united workflow. Workarounds and doing this in a patch work way is not scalable and  certainly not easily maintainable. Please consider adding this functionality to the next release.


It's essential! we need this funsjonality alt over in the world