Review Add Layer from Web pop-up window URL input functionality

02-17-2020 06:10 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

The Add layer from Web pop-up window behaviour is un-intuitive.
When trying to add a layer, if you paste in the complete URL (, the Get Layers option does not become available..
(i.e. you need to type/paste something shorter, like


first for the Get Layers option to enable before adding the /WFSServer? to access the available WFS services)
[Sidenote: the URL window also annoyingly tries to assist by auto-completing http:// while you type … e.g. try clearing the URL box and manually typing http and waiting 2 seconds .. presto, you get >   "http://http"  ]

However, you need to be able to access the Get Layers button to access the Show Advanced Options link in order to be able to edit the maximum feature count and swap X/Y coordinates settings.