Renaming AGOL organisation account

09-05-2016 03:57 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I'd like to be able to rename an existing AGOL organisation account instead of creating a new one. An existing organisation account has its own items, groups and the ownership of its groups. Right now, after creating a new account you have to move all the items of the existing account into the new account and you have also to take care of the ownership of the existing account and move these in to the new created account.  It's a lot of unnecessarily work for a simple job like renaming the existing account name.  I hope the developers will spend some time to solve this issue in AGOL.

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You can rename your organization within your Administrator's dashboard. However, if you mean getting a new url, I had this problem and was able to use the AGO Admin Tool Tools · Esri/ago-admin-wiki Wiki · GitHub to change it. I'm not a tech person, so I can't do any more than point you to this as a possible solution. It worked for me and I didn't have to migrate any of my data.