Projected basemaps with rotating central meridian

07-06-2021 10:28 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Projection is a foundational aspect of any map. Mercator projections, including Web Mercator, are ideal for wayfinding using angles, which does not match the purpose of many of today's maps. Mercator projections can distort scientific data into odd, misleading, or even unusable forms. Equal area projections are much more effective for communicating the shape of the Earth and its landmasses by reducing distortion in polar regions. 

I would like to see a set of projected basemaps available in AGOL using a rotating central meridian so as one pans the globe the center will be the focal point and the distortion will remain at the edges. A 3D scene provides this functionality yet a slightly flattened Earth is often preferable. In my work I need to show binned data across all of North and South America--which isn't possible using a scene and is severely distorted in Web Mercator.

A rotating Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projected basemap would be a major addition to AGOL.