print button embedded in popup that will include the popup's info

04-26-2019 10:50 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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This would be HUGE for our users. A "print" button in the Popup. P erhaps next to "zoom" as one of the "actions" on the bottom of the popup. Of course I'll intercept it with CSS and make it very, very visible; i.e. bold text, button background or something. If it is part of the pop up out of the box that would be easy. 

My use case: When users click a property in my property mapping app they will then many times, want to print what the see: the property, outlined; but... with all the attribute info.  Currently, there are two issues. 1) popups don't resize (yet) and so a screenshot doesn't work. 2) the Print widget does not include the popup or its outline graphic.  Also... users often don't know where the Print widget is. I have made a Help. I have made YouTube videos. It's right there. They don't see it. I've answered thousands of calls over 7 years.   And frankly, I understand why they expect a Print to be somewhere in the popup. Versus having to hunt for a separate tool in a different spot.  And while in my next revision I will be integrating the Screening tool for its slick report capability I think a Print integrated into the popup, that simply Prints the map extent in view, and KEEPS the cyan highlighting of the feature, but then turns off the popup, takes it contents and puts it on the bottom in a table, would be VERY useful to many users. And it wouldn't just be property. A user could click on a tree, a fire hydrant, a school, whatever the feature may be, I can see people simply using a locator or just by eye clicking a feature, and then saying to themselves; I want to see that, on a map, with its attribute info attached.  Kory Kramer‌ 

At some point if this is not implemented I was thinking I could somehow inject a button into the popup but whatever I do I think it'll be more kludgy than if it is part of WAB or the API or the popup spec.  Although this could perhaps be something Robert could integrate to eSearch but that could be a bigger ask since his tool often generates many, many results often, not just the one result of a single highlighted feature. (And yes I intend this for one feature, since one at a time is highlighted by a popup and specifically, in most of my anticipated use cases like parcels of property, users will want one and only one thing highlighted and attributes thereof displayed. So while it could be neat in eSearch, this would in fact be more preferable anyhow in terms of implementation)