Number of imported point features allowed in ArcGISonline

02-15-2013 02:03 AM
Status: Open
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The total of 1000 point feature allowable for import into arcgisonline per time is inadequate. Multinational organisations working across borders may have data that transcends beyond 1000s. That would mean doing the same task repeatedly thus boring.

I suggest that the number of allowable point feature import into arcgisonline  per session be increased to 10,000 or better still unlimited.
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by Anonymous User
Won't happen. Have you tried working with a web map with 4 embedded layers, each having 1000 features? The performance and usefullness is next to nothing. This is the reason why ESRI created the subscription service, so you can publish those large datasets as a feature or map service. Having a layer with 10,000 features embeded in a web map would make it slow and un-usable.