Need to add text indicators to slider buttons

02-05-2018 08:10 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

In ArcGIS Online (AGO) I encountered a slider button to turn something on or off but there wasn't any indicator to tell me which way was on or off and so I would like you to add text indicators that appear when you hover over the button to tell you which direction is on and off.  I have encountered these type of buttons before, but text always appeared when I had used them to let me know if something was on or off.  At the time I didn't feel the need to memorize the direction of on or off since it was a trivial piece of information and I know that all good software builders always put the text indicators to help.  Thus, if there is a standardized direction that you are expecting everyone to know, that isn't good enough - you need to put the text that appears when you hover since everyone may not have encountered these slider buttons enough to know the direction.  And yes, I could switch it back and forth to test something but I shouldn't have too - you are the tester, not me.  The specific on/off button I am referring to is in AGO gallery after you enter a search phrase and the button is on the left to turn on/off searching within org only or everything.  But in any case, you should ALWAYS tell your users which direction is on or off.