Multiple tags for Category in Open Data

03-10-2017 08:54 AM
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In open data, you should be allowed to put multiple tags in the tag query. This would make working with federated sites much easier because you can not always control what tags other groups are using for their data. Currently we have to pass our tags to all of the other federated groups and hope that they use them in addition to their tags or we have to agree on a common tag across all organizations. Currently you can only have one tag per category. 


I'd love to see this too. Unfortunately I can't vote up as a distributor.

It would be even greater to allow the "q="  parameter to get access to all the search options AGOL allows. Something like: q="industry OR construction".

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There is a workaround that works for me if the query satisfies all the tags.

I added the query in this format: all(print map,official plan)

This is similar to linking directly to results from multiple queries. Just make sure there are no spaces between the tags.


If you want to find items that have any of a list of tags, you can use: