Measure Tool should let you keep the graphic/feature

04-09-2010 12:09 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Any graphic that you create/digitize with the measure tool disappears when you are done.  It should at least be optional to keep the graphic for 'proof/documentation' of what was measured, and of course since they are graphics, these could be later converted to features in a geodatabase for use later.


This is a great idea.  Keep the graphic (s) on the map when done measuring.  Many of our users want to "drop" distance markers as graphics when planning their drawings.  Needed!

Totally agree with this idea.
I like this idea a lot.  Another enhancement I would like to see is the angle of the sketch.  When I read a legal description of a property, the ability to use the measure tool to check the distance is great, but if we could add the angle being shown as well, the tool would be fantastic for my work.
It can be done.  Use the measure tool and then when the measurment is created, click the "add to Map" button.  Adds it as a note with the measurement geometry selected (Poly, Line, Point).

Would like to see segment lengths in side panel or displayed on drawing


Have been asked to have this functionality available, along with measurements.  I know this is available with the DRAW tool but it would be nice to have the graphic stay with measurement values within the measure tool itself.


This idea should be revisited for AGOL. The new web scene measure widget is great, but it would be better if measurements (and the text) could then be saved as in app graphics as layers to be toggled on or off.