Mandatory Administrative Group Option in AGOL

06-26-2019 02:59 AM
Status: Open
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Hi, I've just seen Kelly Gerrow‌s blog post about administrative groups in AGOL ( and I think they could be a really useful feature for managing our users across different departments. I was just wondering if an option could be added to make assignment to an administrative group mandatory when adding new users? This would ensure that every user is in an administrative group as at the moment there is always the potential that they won't be added and therefore may be missed from the relevant group.




Hi Anthony,

Although adding a user to an administrative group isn't mandatory, it is something that you can define in member properties during the invitation experience or in the New Member Defaults tab. This ensures that members belong to an administrative group when they first login the their account. The intern example in the blog mentions this a little.

Let me know if that will meet your needs.



Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the quick response. I had thought about using the new member defaults but as different members will need to go in different groups depending on their department it's a bit tricky setting this up so it works for everyone. As a workaround I had thought that I could just create a "to be allocated" group so new members could be moved to the correct admin group later.

I suppose what I was looking for is just a tick box in the organisational settings that would then require any new members to be added to an admin group at the invitation stage. You can then be sure that each admin group is an accurate reflection of the users from that particular department. At the moment I know this step would likely be missed so we'd have users not allocated to any admin group.

Kind Regards