Item storage quota

01-02-2021 11:27 PM
Status: Open
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It would be helpful to be able to set a storage quota per user (role). As item storage impacts credits use, an a-priori handle on storage would be desirable.

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That's a good idea.
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I agree with this idea. Currently, an organization's feature storage is at risk of being maxed out simply by a single user uploading a large amount of data. A storage quota would enable administrators to reduce the changes of this happening. Ideally, admins would be able to adjust quotas as necessary.


As an ArcGIS Online organization with over 10,000 users, our Administrators do not have the bandwidth to track what everyone is doing, nor micromanage privileges and credits. Instead we give people full access to ArcGIS Online capabilities so they can choose to do what they need to do, and we rely on credit allocations to ensure reasonable use. 

A critical shortcoming of this approach, however, is that credits consumed for storage are not currently tracked by user. So a user's credit allocation does not provide a way to limit their usage of storage.

Tracking storage credits per user (based on the owner of an item), and applying the current credit allocation functionality, or a new, seperate storage credit allocation functionality would be great. (Since we leave it up to our users to decide how they are going to best use resources, the former -- having a single credit allocation per user -- would be our preference.)