Increase max number of points for Route to all Features tool

02-25-2019 10:07 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

This tool is ideal for creating routes from a published table because it allows a published route to be overwritten daily and loaded into the Navigator app.   It is also a great tool for the less technical user as it is intuitive and requires less input parameters than the Plan Routes tool.  For these reasons, it appeared to be a great solution to our daily routing needs for a single vehicle.  Our plan was to auto-update the CSV file nightly, which in turn would update the web map containing the published points.  (The service is published from an events layer of the csv file containing X,Ys). The non-technical user could then simply click on 'Route to All Features' from the point layer, get directions, and save the new route (with the existing layer name) before opening it in Navigator. 

The only problem is that it this tool will only route to a maximum of 50 points!   We need to create daily routes of up to 100-120 points.   It would be so helpful if this maximum could be bumped up even to 100-200 points.   It would potentially expand its usefulness to so many more users in the ESRI community looking for a simple daily routing solution.