Improve available default Map Layouts for Printing in ArcGIS Online

10-21-2013 06:25 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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I can create great maps in AGOL, but I can't print out the map with a legend, scale bar, title and north arrow in the same way I can using desktop. This would make it much easier to communicate spatial data and ideas correctly.



Note: Users can currently create a custom printing service in ArcGIS Server to create custom printing templates for use in ArcGIS Online. This idea also refers to this capability being available in ArcGIS Online without the use of additional products.


I would like it to continue Legends on to a second page if there is not enough space.  Simple.

Something as simple as printing a map with a soil survey layer easily runs out of space. And also allow an option to have it put Legends on only a separate page(s). Been wanting this for a decade We can make MXD templates and insert dynamic text blocks and use python for a second page with the printed legend but..would be super appreciated if a few of these here are implemented out-of-the-box.   Custom logo would be nice. And adding poster-size page sizes for the standard print service template i.e. C and D also.


While custom print server helps, it is still inadequate.  You cannot add formatted text, only a string which is then placed as a block.  For example, if you have numbered or bulleted list, its placed as a block with all CR/LF removed.  Additionally, you cannot set up a webmap so that items from the view are automatically placed on the printout, like in a map book/map page.  So if you have a permit office and you want to print a map of a parcel, you can't have the parcel number automatically placed on the map.  What is needed is GOL to provide the same printing features and flexibility that ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro offer.  That should be ESRI's goal.


Stephen, great point! Agree. I'd also like to include a table with parcel info (populated from whichever poly is selected of course, and so those would be variables of text strings). And of course formatting, media, like a logo, html and so forth carrying through from the MXD to the PDF would be nice. 

The biggest thing though for me is still just being able to print on to more than one page (ie legend going on to two ore more pages.)  I see we started this thread in '15. Wondering if the printing upgrades will get any traction this year or maybe early next year? I hope it can be done via Esri updating the JS API and AGOL vs having to upgrade ArcGIS Server. We have 10.51 and I hope legend will span multiple pages and that custom things like tables on a print template MXD will carry through to the printTask without having to upgrade server. Or if so, maybe at least supporting it from 10.6.1 which I also have on an Amazon instance.


That comment to me sounds anachronic - What is a power user anyway?



Children are constantly taught BOLTSS in school here and cannot meet criteria needed for their assignments with current exporting of AGOL maps. With number of students using AGOL increasing every day, adding a print with BOLTSS option as outlined above is absolutely necessary! I hope to see this in future updates  from Australian schools!


Being able to print the pop-up info would be great.

I mentioned this before and people had a hard time understanding. Simply would like a user to go to the map. Select a point and then be able to print out exactly what shows up in the pop-up box (or what google calls the info box). 


Mm indeed. And they'd probably like to print it with a popup... and be able to move the popup out of the way from over the actual parcel or address or the feature that was clicked, too.  


Yeh, pretty basic stuff. 


At a minimum AGOL should support printing up to poster size (ANSI D). And/or support choosing the full range of typical sizes.  It should support legends that run on to a second or third etc page.  It should support and allow for setting to any scale, whether by absolute scale (1:100) or 1"=100'.   I know about levels of detail (LODs) but this should work with vector basemaps. Even with raster basemaps they can be resampled, the stack can and should handle it under the hood, when needed. For example at a custom scale it can request the old raster basemaps as dynamic map services aka map image layers. 

It should show the extent that will be printed, like PrintPlus.  Frankly I'd encourage using 'map area' or something similar instead of 'extent'. I always change that string, for clarity to the user.

Finally, while it may seem more exotic, some kind of option to display a variable scale bar or tell the user where the bar is accurate would be important for maps at continental scale. Allowing the user to type in custom text in a designated area, as well as allowing the developer to insert the projection and datum in the title block may also be useful.

Basic stuff for map printing. I am merely the messenger. As I have been told and come here to relay...  Engineers and others who are usually the purchasing authority in charge will take ArcGIS Online a lot more seriously the second that we can specify 1"=100' on the map viewer, and also print it.  It would be a lucrative business decision.


While developers are working on Print, the bug where a vector basemap is not included on a custom print service output will hopefully be fixed -