Import / Export AGOL WebApp Builder Queries

01-25-2017 02:38 PM
Status: Open
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Would like some way (besides taking notes on a piece of paper in front of me) to manage / understand / duplicate heavy configuration done in a WAB Query, etc.  Importing / Exporting settings to human readable .TXT would suffice.  It's drudgery having to remember what order I place boxes (filters) and how I customize each resulting pane popup (which fields I choose).  It would simply be nice to be able to check consistency of intent without having to walk back through each query upon any change.


I currently document all widgets and results in user guides and rebuild from that.  Kind of painful.


After you have configure your app, the Query config json file should provide info on how the queries have been setup

This is found in <YourWebAppBuilder>\server\apps\2\configs\Query\config_Query.json

It is not exactly human readable but it does the job. You will need a utility like Notepad++ to see the syntax.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for?

Solomon Pulapkura 


I've been using AGO assistant and editing the .JSON, yes.  I do think things should be easier than they are, though -- straight from the WAB interface.  For example, instead of a query simply breaking -- tell me where / why (sometimes it is an endpoint ID discrepancy {ToC Change}, sometimes a custom popup {Schema Change} locks the entire edit dialog up, etc.).  Not very helpful for many users out there.  Glad to have AGO Assistant and some understanding of what to do with it.