Dynamic feature tile layers within ArcGIS Online

05-08-2018 08:01 PM
Status: Open
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We would like to use dynamic feature tile layers within ArcGIS Online outside of using the ArcGIS API for Javascript.

Following the video from DevSummit 2018, 
url: https://youtu.be/RP3rk_fcc3Y?t=1m47s
the use of feature tile layer is presented including the change of symbology which can be rendered more quickly with WebGL.

The rendering time in the video is much faster than a feature layer.

Thus, we would like to improve performance by allowing the layer to be rendered in near-real-time, without latencies of 1-3 seconds or more, for the best user experience.

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They are currently promoting dynamic feature tile layers at the 2019 Dev Summit again, yet nobody will respond to your comment from last year. Perhaps ArcGIS Online uses the 3.x API? I would like to see a response to this question.