Customers can invite Esri employees to their AGOL organizations without it counting against their named users

07-26-2013 11:09 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

At my regional office (and I imagine elsewhere, too) we do a lot of collaborative workshops with customers, to help them get started with AGOL.  In some cases we (Esri) provision and build the organization, set up some initial groups and information products, hand the organization over to the customer, and then provide guidance as needed while they build their platform.  The problem with this is, if 2 or 3 Esri staff help get an organization going, the customer loses those 2 or 3 named users by the time they take possession of the subscription.  Wouldn’t it be cool if AGOL knew that, for example, user “matt2425” is an Esri employee, and thus knew to not debit a named user from the customer’s subscription if they invite me in to help?

So to recap, a customer could invite Esri employees to their organization to help for a few days, a week, a month, whatever.  When the problem is solved / project is over, the customer can remove the Esri employee from the organization.  It would be like Go To Assist, but longer term to accommodate the way we sometimes help clients with their subscriptions.  This special ‘Esri Employee AGOL User’ account would need to be exempt from the rule that your account is deleted if you’re deleted from an organization.  It would also need the ability to be a member of multiple organizations at once.

I feel this would be greatly appreciated by our customers.  Their count of named users should be for them, not for us.  Especially for customers who have less than 50 named users.