Create templates for Attribute Transfer

09-08-2021 11:33 AM
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Edit: As John replied, the idea in this link is similar enough that it should be used instead:

I didn't find it in my original search because I was looking for Attribute Transfer; maybe leaving this here will help someone else find that post. 


Original post: 

As I'm comparing two sets of building footprints, I find that either feature class might contain the preferred geometry. In this case, the older feature class has the building ID and the newer feature class has the building height, so I always want to execute an attribute transfer. I almost always want to transfer the height and sometimes want to transfer the geometry, both of which are possible using the Transfer Attributes tool. Because the mappings can change from feature to feature, I keep having to open up the Field Mapping to turn the Shape mapping on and off. Because I can't verify if the mapping is on without opening Field Mapping, I need to open Field Mapping more often than need to change it. Both of these factors limit the efficiency of the tool.

The Templates within the Create Features tool demonstrates a possible solution. If I could create named Transfer Attribute templates with different mappings, this workflow becomes significantly more efficient, and the tool becomes much more flexible. 

  • Ideally, nothing but the explicitly enabled mappings would be displayed by hovering over it.
  • A full list of possibilities would become available with an edit/manage template option (basically, equivalent to the current template-less window). 




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