Category app to allow direct access/download

03-05-2019 11:32 PM
Status: Open
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We are using the Category gallery application (AGOL web appbuilder)  for displaying downloadable data for our users. 

It would be more userfriendly if they could download the file directly from the gallery instead of going to the item details page first to find the download button there. 

I think options like on the Content page in AGOL would be nice like "Open in MapViewer" (where applicable), "Open item details", "Download". Besides, if it is a file like a pdf or excel it would be nice to show the file size here. 

We used the Map and App Gallery before where you could click on the title or the thumbnail and the excel file would directly start downloading. This would also work. Or the same behaviour as when showing group content: click on thumbnail allows the download, click on the name shows the details. Either way would work for us as long as we can avoid going through another page. 

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Totally agree!