Auto generate/update bookmark widgets based on filter

11-23-2020 09:02 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

One of the most useful tools in the Dashboard is the ability to generate a List of features in order to guide the user to a specific set of features. In the web apps and now Experience Builder, this functionality can be replicated through use of a bookmarks widget, but if the data changes even somewhat often this becomes cumbersome to maintain as it is configured at the web map level. I am aware there is a Python script that could do this for bookmarks in the web map, but for a no-code solution it would be really useful if the bookmarks widget could be configured in the same way as the List in the Dashboard.

In my example, we are using the Dashboard for the List to guide viewers towards a subset of 10-15 parcels available for potential sale. Those 10-15 parcels change maybe every quarter through use of a "status" field, so it would be great if I could configure the bookmarks to reflect that same field (where status = under_review) in the same way the List widget does, opening the door to use a Web App or ExB with their additional functionality rather than the Dashboard.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks!