ArcGIS Online - Forwarding/BCC Automatic Notifications to AGOL Administrators

02-25-2016 12:58 PM
Status: Open
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When an automated notification is sent to a user within an organization subscription to ArcGIS Online, it would be ideal for the administrator to receive a bcc of the message and/or provide the user with instructions to forward the message to the administrator.

At present, a user/client receives a message detailing the problem/issue, and at the end of the notification the user is given this message: Please contact your administrator, xxxx xxxxxx (xxxxx@xxxx.xx) to resolve this matter.

It is my experience that when the user receives the message to contact their AGOL Administrator at their organization, that the user doesn't forward the original message, so a lot of back/forth happens for the administrator to figure out what is the actual problem.

There may be two possible solutions
(1) Please forward this message to your administrator, xxxx xxxxxx (xxxxx@xxxx.xx) to resolve this matter.


(2) BCC the Administrator when the notification is sent to the user.

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