Amendments to the web map folder and layer structure

12-20-2016 03:50 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Could you please amend the folder structure in the web map so individual layers of data can be put into folders. We typically put a lot of layers of data in our Localview applications, and not having the ability to move folders above map layers in a web map is very frustrating. On the one hand I can add a whole folder of data from a map service, but cant take individual layers out, on the other hand, I can add individual layers, but cant group them into a folder, or move existing folders above individual layers.

The only other way around this for us would be to create many web map services for small amounts of layers, which seems a very wasteful use of server resources.

Please be aware that a some users put many layers of data into their applications, and we need an efficient and tidy way of managing the folder structure before presenting the finished application to the end users

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