Allow more than one Owner for Groups in ArcGIS Online

12-21-2018 08:24 AM
Status: Open
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It should be possible to assign more than one Owner to a Group in ArcGIS Online (AGOL).


Scenario:  I am the owner of a group into which a map and related data are shared.  I need one Level 2 co-worker to then update the map, but the other Level 1 members of the group should not be able to modify the map.


AGOL Administrators are allowed to create a group and give members of that group “update” privileges, but then I cannot add Level 1 members to that group.  Yes, I could create a second Group for Level 1 users, but then my world has gotten so much more complicated.

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Excellent idea Joe!  We would love this functionality as well

by Anonymous User

Hi Joe,

I was just going through some of the ideas and thought I could help out...

Have you seen the option in AGOL to change a group member to a group manager? 

"Group managers can help you invite users, process membership requests, remove content and members, and edit group properties." So essentially this makes them a co-owner of the group, but doing this will only effect the management of the group which doesn't sound like what you're after.

Group owners shouldn't be able to edit an item shared to the group unless the privileges of the item and group allow it which effects all members, not just the owner. Based on what I've seen there are a few times where it appears the group owner has edit privileges for items in the group; if the group owner is also the item owner then the privileges from being the item owner are overriding the group sharing privileges, of if a group member is an admin then it may appear as if they have elevated privileges to everyone else in the group.

I think what you're asking for is - Viewers to be able to join a group where What items in the group can its members update? is set to All items (group membership is limited to the organization) but where their role based privileges (or lack there of) override the privileges set at the group level - have I read that right?

Currently, Viewers can't be added to groups that have update privileges so you've hit the nail on the head when you suggested managing multiple groups, I think that's your only option in the short term.


PS: Assuming I've understood it right, I like the idea!



Thank you for the input.  I found that making a Group Member a Group Manager helped solve a long standing issue we have had.  However, it would still be nice if we could allow Level 2 Contributors and Level 1 Viewers to co-exist in the same Group.