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Allow for searching of ArcGIS Online Organizations

01-06-2014 06:52 AM
New Contributor III

There should be an option to search for organizations when logged into your ArcGIS Online account.  This does not currently exist as an option in the dropdown below the search bar.  I can search for and view content of other organizations but cannot access their home page.


Perhaps ESRI could add a button or a link on the description portion of each map/app that would bring you to that organization's home page.

Agreed. It is difficult to find organization home pages if you dont know the url. Even Google keyword searches often fail for some reason. ESRI should be looking into how to make organizational sites more discoverable in general.

One modification I would suggest to Phil's post. I would say that you should be able to find organization home pages regardless of whether you are logged in or not.

by Anonymous User

How would being able to search for the organization home page help with your end goal? Are you looking for a way to find content published by a specific organization? 

Would results returned in a regular search suffice if the user names indicated what organization they are affiliated with?

Check out this idea and see if it would help with your use case:

Trusted Data Sharing and Credible Sources 


It would allow for viewing of their AGOL home page and gallery. This would help greatly by seeing all the published content of one organization in one place.

by Anonymous User

While we have not added the ability to search for Organization home pages As of the June 2018 update Organizations can now become verified. When an Organization is verified all public content that has been designated as authoritative is identified by an authoritative badge and displays the name of the organization as the item owner.


+1 for this idea. Would love to view all content being put out by an organization, rather than having to search by item type/keyword and knowing what content I want when I search it.