Allow customisation of Profile Item Gallery, where members of my organisation not being allowed to share publicly.

01-08-2021 03:13 AM
Status: Open
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Under the Organisation Settings - Security, there are the 2 settings:
- Allow members to edit biographical information and who can see their profile.
- Members can share content publicly.

If you have the second set to 'members can/cannot share content publicly' and your profile visibility set to Organisation, any customisation to your Item gallery is honoured.

However, if you do not allow organisation members to share items publicly, but still want your profile visibility to be Everyone, any customisation you make to your Item gallery is lost, along with the option to customise (the [Customize Items] button on the page is absent; and a random set of my items is presented in the Profile Gallery - see attached screenshot).

As an Administrator for my Organisation, I do not want all Members to be able to share content publicly but would have thought if a member can share items publicly (e.g. Admin) then they should be able to have the option to customize their Profile Gallery.

So, I would like the option to maintain customisation to my Item gallery, despite other members in my organisation being unable to share items publicly.

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