Allow administrator to set an AGOL password never expires for users

03-20-2020 07:12 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice is the AGOL administrators could set up a permanent password for users that never expires. Managing field crew password resets is very difficult with users that are not familiar with computers or phones and who may not even have email access. Basically we have to create users with our own email with an initial password, sign in as that user and then reset the password to a new standard password. We tried the proper route of each person having a unique password set by themselves but after taking at least a half-hour working through them trying to set up their initial password followed by them forgetting their password when the device decided to log them out and having to go through the entire cycle again, we have decided that front-loading standard passwords for each group is the only way to manage it effectively. It would be great if when the user was first created there was an option of password never expires so we wouldn't have to go through the hack to do it. 

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I believe this has been implemented: