AGOL Web Map - Refresh Aliases

01-29-2017 08:48 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

Why not make the web map a little more utilitarian as we move heavily toward web mapping applications?

Specifically, it's irritating that I can change aliases, repub and the web map still hangs onto an old alias.

I would like tools in the web map to do things like "refresh aliases" or "set all popups in this map to never put commas on any number less than 1 million", etc.

If I remove a layer from my web replace I can get the right aliases (service definition is already showing corrected), it ruins 7 of the 20 things I have hanging onto this layer in my AGOL WAB template (charts will still work, query will completely disappear, compound search bar will look like it works (but won't), incident response will change this layer to something else (but at least I can switch it back), Near Mes still work, etc.).

Whole lot of trouble to fix one alias, no?