Add Streets and Imagery Basemap to the Cummunity Basemap program

10-04-2010 09:12 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Currently the community basemap program focuses on the Topographic basemap.  Most non-gis users are more interested in streets and imagery.  Many GIS organizations would be interested in contributing to the community basemap program if it included a way to update the streets and/or imagery basemaps.

That's a great idea/suggestion, Tom!  -David
I agree. Our local street centerlines are updated daily as part of our ongoing internal GIS data maintenance. Our local topographic map, however, is updated through contracted photogrammetric mapping services only every two to three years immediately following contracted acquisition of new aerial imagery. As such, our topo map remains static for at least a couple years. It seems logical that a routinely updated cached street map accessible via would more meet the needs of local GIS installations.
Curt B.