Ability To Save Filters in AGOL

09-12-2018 10:49 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

It would be handy to be able to save filters in AGOL or at the very least be able to store some kind of description for filters within the webmap.  This is the second year I have been using AGOL and Collector for hydrant flow testing and my method includes moving hydrants from one group (to be tested) to another (completed testing.)  However, in order for the hydrant testing to be considered "complete" it must have a certain rule criteria met.  This is where the filters come into play.  I essentially use a series of filters to determine whether all of the rules have been completed or not.  If not, they are moved to a middle grouping, hydrant purgatory if you will, until the data issues are resolved.  Because there are so many filters in play, whenever I am testing/debugging before rolling out to the guys in the field it becomes cumbersome to sift through each filter while trying to figure out what filters accomplishes what goal. 

It would be nice, instead of following the logic of each part of a filter set, to be able to save each filter, or at least be able to give it a description that is stored within the webmap similar to Arcade expressions.  So for instance I could have a filter saved/labeled that says "Residual value cannot be greater than static value" and I would know exactly what rule that filter is intended to target.