Will HTTP Hyperlinks (Anchor Tags <a>) Follow Browser Behavior and Work After AGOL HTTPS-Only?

06-10-2020 05:33 PM
New Contributor

Will HTTP hyperlinks in <a> tags (not talking about services or other configuration) continue to be supported in pop-ups after AGOL moves to HTTPS Only in December? 

The URL is read from the attribute table. The "AGOL HTTP Hyperlink.png" screenshot has the displayed link (boxed in red), with the HTTP URL reference (boxed in orange) from a database value. 

In general on the web, users can click HTTP hyperlinks on HTTPS pages and still be taken to a new HTTP page or tab. This does not count as mixed content. Will HTTP hyperlinks on HTTPS pages trigger mixed content warnings? - Webmasters Stack Exchange 

Typing any HTTP URL in a pop-up configuration yields the message on "Popup HTTP Notification.png" that HTTP will be discontinued:

This happens even if the HTTP URL is displayed as plain text. Just confirming whether the warning can be disregarded in this case. 

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