What's Coming in ArcGIS Online - October 2019

09-20-2019 08:54 AM
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Next ArcGIS Online update planned: October 1

On the evening of October 1 PDT, we plan to update ArcGIS Online. The update will give you more ways to share interactive maps, new Arcade functions to transform data, and a convenient way to update hosted vector tile layers.

Nearby configurable app

ArcGIS Configurable Apps

Nearby, a new configurable app, will enable users to enter an address and search radius to find nearby locations. After a location is selected, the app can provide directions to it. By grouping the results by layer, app authors will be able to configure the app to answer questions. For example, a user could search for nearby schools and see them grouped by the school type including middle schools, elementary schools, universities.

Attachment Viewer will have a new map-centric layout option in addition to the existing photo-centric layout. The new map-centric layout will provide users with a gallery of attachments based on the features within their map extent. Additional authoring features will include the ability to display more than one layer, support PDFs as an attachment type, and hide features that don’t have attachments.

Media Map will include an interactive time slider that animates data as it appears over time. Using this configuration, you will be able to showcase data that is time enabled.

More Arcade functions

Arcade, the scripting language that transforms your data on the fly and can be used to build pop-ups and customize symbology, will have four new functions:

  • GroupBy—Group features within a feature set by a field and return statistics for each group.
  • DistanceGeodetic—Calculate the shortest distance between two points along a great circle.
  • FeatureSetByRelationshipName—Easily access features from layers that have relationships.
  • FeatureSetByPortalItem—Build data-rich pop-ups with data from any layer without adding the layer to your map.

New way to update hosted vector tile layers

Users managing hosted vector tile layers will be able to update layers in place using the new Replace Layer option. Replace Layer will update the tiles in the target hosted vector tile layer by replacing the entire tile cache with the layer selected as a replacement. This will allow existing applications and styles that reference the hosted vector tile layer to continue to work without having to update them.

Upcoming Map Viewer beta

A beta version of the next generation Map Viewer will be released later this fall. ArcGIS Online users will have the opportunity to explore the next generation Map Viewer and provide feedback about the design and workflows. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.

Please note that all planned updates are subject to change. A comprehensive list of implemented changes will be provided in our What's New email, blog, and documentation.

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MVP Regular Contributor

You forgot to mention that reports in Survey123 now cost credits...2.5 credits per report to be exact. I am a large user of these reports implemented with Integromat and they are great. But I really do believe that 2.5 credits every reports is excessive.

Esteemed Contributor

Was the price increased or is this the price that ESRI introduced this capability at?

MVP Regular Contributor

Yeah, I know they announced that this would be the case a while ago, but I've been dreading its implementation. I used this feature so much while it was in Beta, it was a bit of a game changer for getting people in my company to use Survey123. 

MVP Regular Contributor

Before the AGOL update this feature was free

Esri Regular Contributor

Can someone enlighten me how to use the FeatureSetByRelationship? 

I would like to get the sum of an attribute in related rows but the only function I find is FeatureSetByRelationshipName (referenced here: Data Functions | ArcGIS for Developers ) and for this I get a "Function not found" Error (but that might be because I don't have featureset). I wonder how my data needs to be stored to get a FeatureSet? 

Edit: Just found this Data Functions | ArcGIS for Developers  (FeatureSet) at the same place but it is not clear to me what exactly is needed to create the FeatureSet and if I have to create it before using the FeatureSetByRelationship function...

Esri Contributor

Hi Nicole, 

FeatureSetByRelationshipName() is the function name and not FeatureSetByRelationship(). It was renamed between this post and the release. Sorry for the confusion. This blog will help you see how to use that function: 


And these blogs provide more general information about Feature Sets: 



Esri Regular Contributor

Thanks a lot! Exactly what I was looking for. 

But it's not yet available in Enterprise I assume?

New Contributor II

The upgrades to the Attachment Viewer app look great, but the update seems to have broken the one I had set up. All I get is "No attachments found" in the photo area and "No information available" in the attribute box in the map area. Are there new requirements for the underlying map/feature service hidden in this update? Are there sharing requirements?

The web map works fine, and I can see and use the hyperlinks to attached images via the popups in the web map. I've tried publishing a new map with all different configurations of related tables in the map (all related tables, just the attachment table, no tables at all), published without definition queries, tried all different configurations in the app itself, but no dice. It won't seem to recognize the photos in my attached table. It's aggravating as it was working perfectly prior to this!

Esri Contributor

Glad it helped! And no, it's not available in Enterprise yet. 

New Contributor III

Hi Luke, thanks for your interest in using the Attachment Viewer template. Do you happen to have the app URL handy?

New Contributor II

I am unable to share it publicly, but here's the URL: Attachment Viewer 

New Contributor III

Ok. Do you happen to know if the layers in the map have supportsQueryAttachments set to true in the service JSON? The 7.3 updates in the Attachment Viewer now use the Attachments API. In order for the application to get the attachments, the property supportsQueryAttachments must be true.

New Contributor II


I am unable to see the supportsQueryAttachments property in the service JSON. Found this- What's new in the ArcGIS REST API—ArcGIS REST API: Services Directory | ArcGIS for Developers  which indicates that property was exposed with 10.7.1. We're at 10.6.1 so that may be the issue there. Is there a way for me to change that property to true while in 10.6.1?

New Contributor III

Hi Luke,

A possible workaround is if you are using ArcGIS Online, you are able to publish the data as a hosted layer to your organization. Online hosted feature services with attachments will get that property set to true by default. 

Another option is to download the source code of the 7.2 version of the Attachment Viewer, which does not use the Attachment API here and host it on a web server.
However, the limitation with hosting the 7.2 version of the source code will not include the latest Attachment Viewer's October 2019 updates, such as the Map focused layout and multiple layer support. 

I hope these proposed workarounds can help!

- Ryan

New Contributor III


It appears that the information regarding the "supportsQueryAttachments" property in the previously referenced documentation, What's new in the ArcGIS REST API At 10.7.1, is not correct. It appears that the property has not made it into 10.7.1. 

- Ryan

New Contributor II


Thanks for the info. I was able to get the app back up and running using a hosted feature layer, so that'll do for now. Appreciate your help!

New Contributor III

I'm glad to hear that you got the app up and running! Please let me know if you have any other questions.



New Contributor II

Michael VanhookKatherine Clarkjoe rodmey In regards to the excessive credit consumption to create Survey123 reports I agree with all of you.

Others have the same view: Why does Survey123 Feature Report generation cost so many credits?  and be sure to vote up the idea: