Unable to load a large .geojson file to ArcGIS Notebooks /arcgis/home directory

01-05-2021 06:06 AM
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I am unable to load a .geojson file of size 66.2MB to the /arcgis/home directory in ArcGIS Notebooks. When trying, I get the following error: 

Unable to upload file. Please try again.

If I try to add an empty .gejson file, it works as expected. 

Could you help me to fix this issue? 🙂 

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can you not specify another directory?

it may be a permissions thing or the folder may be readonly

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I can add files with different extensions or a small .geojson to /arcgis/home, so it's probably not considering permissions. 

Also, I cannot really create a new folder, just add new files to already existing /arcgis/home.



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