Do ArcGIS Online Notebooks support pysimpleguiweb?

07-30-2020 08:54 AM
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I am hoping to make my notebooks more user friendly by incorporating some additional GUI's into the workflow. For example, rather than having the user type in the name of the csv file they hope to add as an item, I use pysimplegui to create a pop-up window, allowing them to browse to the item.

However, when I try to a run a script that uses the pysimpleguiweb module, the cell gets stuck in the event loop. 

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outside guis aren't supported within Pro

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I suggest you try Panel instead of pysimplegui. Fileselector — Panel 0.9.7 documentation 

by Esri Contributor
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Hi all,

External GUIs aren't compatible with Notebooks, but Nicholas is correct in that Panel might be able to help you get what you're trying to do. It creates a GUI within the cell. Here's an example of basic use:

Thanks for the suggestion Nicholas. Gideon, let me know if you have any issues.

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Thanks, this is helpful. However, I did have to add "panel.extension()" to the top of my cell to make it work.