Creating AGOL notebook with GPU will consume my credits? If yes, how my credits will be deducted? Thanks

04-22-2020 04:01 AM
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How my credits will be deducted if I use AGOL notebook with GPU? Thanks,

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Hi Lan,


While there are no credits charged for creating AGOL notebooks with GPU during the public beta period, anything you do in the notebook that would ordinarily consume credits still does (for example, running analysis or accessing Premium Content from the Living Atlas). More information can be found here:Does participating in the beta consume credits?  

After the beta period ends any notebooks that use Advanced or Advanced with GPU Support notebook runtime will consume credits (you can choose if your notebook uses these or not and need Advanced Notebook Privileges to create notebooks of this runtime type). We will be releasing more information on specific credit costs per notebook runtime as we get further along in the beta.

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