What is the meaning of "AnySinglePhase" in trace ?

08-23-2011 04:10 AM
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Dear Sir,
    I have suffered problem in electric trace. If user select downstream trace and select phase designation of ???AnySinglePhase??? from phase designation dropdown list and then perform trace. The return result get ???single phase??? as well as ???any phase??? features. I didn???t understand what the meaning of ???AnySinglePhase??? is. I have used below code for phase designation. Please give me explanation of above. Thanks in advance.

private mmPhasesToTrace GetPhasesToTrace(int phasesToTraceEnum)
            switch (phasesToTraceEnum)
                case 0:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_Any;
                case 1:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_A;
                case 2:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_B;
                case 3:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_C;
                case 4:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AB;
                case 5:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AC;
                case 6:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_BC;
                case 7:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_ABC;
                case 8:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AtLeastA;
                case 9:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AtLeastB;
                case 10:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AtLeastC;
                case 11:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AtLeastAB;
                case 12:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AtLeastAC;
                case 13:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AtLeastBC;
                case 14:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AnySinglePhase;
                case 15:
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_AnyTwoPhase;
                    return mmPhasesToTrace.mmPTT_Any;
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Looks like you are doing some sort of electrical flow analysis... which probably isn't appropriate for the Network Analyst extention.... I think you want Utility Network Analyst...

But that aside, "AnySinglePhase" refers to single phase electrical distribution lines.... that is any line that is running only A, B, or C phase (example: not AB, AC, BC, or ABC).

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-phase (A,B,C)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-phase (AB,AC,BC)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-phase (ABC)
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