Use of "Location Allocation" option to determine locations of a Wastewater treatment plants

11-27-2020 01:32 AM
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Hello all! 

I have a study area of 400 km2 where there are around 180 villages spread (See picture attached). I am trying to determine the best location of a number of Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in a way that the distance from each village to the WWTP would be the minimum possible, assuming that the pipes will be installed right under the main roads that connect the villages between them. 

I need to make the network analysis many times with the variation of number and location of the WWTP to determine the cheapest way in terms of number of WWTP and their location. The costss in this case are directly derived from the lenght of the pipes - which I assume is the same lenght of the roads under which the pipes would be installed. 

I am using the Location - Allocation option in ArcGIS Pro, but I can not figure out how to set the options in order for the analysys not to consider the impedance but only the distance of the roads (because in my case the pipes and transport of wastewater will not be affected by the velocity on the roads, so I do not need to save time in that kind of transportation). 

Could you please guide me? Am I using an incorrect tool? or maybe do I need to build a model to do the analysis that I require?

The main goal of my research is to define what is the best option for the villages in the study area: a wastewater treatment plant for each of the 180 villages? or how many villages I should connect to one WWTP in a way that the pipes would be as shortest ad possible, therefore reducing the costs associated with the pipes? 

Thank you very much!! I really need a guidance on this matter. 

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You could start with Esri Support:

However, from what I understand, Support usually answers simple questions, provides basic guidance, and investigates potential bugs. It sounds like you're looking for someone to help you in detail. That might be more like a Professional Services engagement if you have the budget for it.

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Location-Allocation Minimize Weighted Impedance uses the demand weight. Basically we minimize weighted demand. That is, multiply the length or cost of the shortest path by the demand weight. That way, the locations with more demand have a higher pull on the facility location.

Jay Sandhu

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