One to Many Route Measured in Distance?

01-15-2014 11:49 AM
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I have one point feature and need to find multiple end points that are measured 1 mile distance from the origin feature point via the network connection. I do not want the points that are within a 1 mile radius, but actually one mile of line segments.

I have tried OD cost matrix & service area and have not been able to produce results. Is there another tool I should be trying?

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Hi Sarah,

I'd do the following:

  1. Create a 1-mile service area polygon.

  2. Run Intersect (analysis) geoprocessing tool, setting the Input Features parameter to the output service-area polygon and the Streets feature class used to create your network dataset and settign Output Type to POINT.

That will give you the points that are one mile out from the facility.

I'm not sure I understand whether you need the shortest paths to those points. If so...

  1. Create a Closest Facility layer.

  2. Load your points from the Intersect operation into the Facilities class.

  3. Load your facility from the service area layer into the Incidents class of the closest facility layer.

  4. In the analysis layer parameters, change Facilities to Find to the number of facilities you loaded into the CF layer.

  5. Solve.

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Thank you very much Robert!  I have solved the problem.
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