One of my Depots MUST BE the last one.

04-02-2012 02:11 AM
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i'm searching a solution for the following problem:

I have two depots (Depot A and Depot B) and a couple of orders.
The tour starts at Depot A. After servicing the orders, the truck should visit Depot B where the goods should be unloaded.
After all, the tour should finally end in Depot A.

The question is...

Where is the setting to assign Depot B as the last stop in the tour, before returning to Depot A.

Thank you very much for your answers.
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Have you tried including Depot B in the Orders feature with the AssignmentRule set to (1) Preserve route and relative sequence? This will allow you to always make Depot B the last stop before returning to Depot A.
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When you know the sequence numbers for all orders, you can use "AssignmentRule set to (1) Preserve route and relative sequence" to lock Depot B as the second last visit in the route. However, if you don't know the sequence numbers, VRP solver cannot solve your problem directly. There is a workaround for it.

You can use Depot B as the end depot for the route. This solution will not include the part traveling from Depot B to the end Depot A. If you want to include this part in the solution, after solving the VRP layer, you may load Orders and Depot Visits into a route layer as Stops in the sequence created in VRP layer, and add a copy of Depot A as the last stop in the route layer. Solving this one will return you the complete route.


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