hey can you help me how to find the point with maximum accessibility.

07-15-2017 01:04 AM
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Suppose there is a bus stop in a position, So I would like to know the accessibility of that bus stop. That means How many people can anyone reach a bus stop. Plz, suggest me an Idea to solve this problem.

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These are the types of analyses you can do with the network analyst.  If you did a 'service area' analysis, you would arrive at the area potentially used by a bus stop.  From there you could summarize the people living within each service area (ie bus stop) and find the one that is optimal based on your conditions (ie most people served, smallest area for people served or whatever)

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 sir, I have collected the data about 1)population 2) other connectivity 3 present locations of bus stops 4) Age of people taking those bus stops 5) other connecting roads 

I already have all this data, now my project is on BRT Ahmedabad( India). So I would like to show to people that if Bus stand position is changed how much ridership will be increased. 

So please help me by giving an idea about it.

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I just did... do a service area on your existing locations and perform it again with the bus stop moved.  One could then make inferences about the affect of the change.

If you are looking for detailed instructions, perhaps you should complete the tutorial and see the guide books