Have Greater Number of Stops for Route Optimizations

04-05-2019 06:08 AM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS Pro, if I wanted to look at the maximum number of stops that 1 vehicle can travel is 150. In ArcGIS Online, it is 200. First, why can't you have both of these programs have at least the same amount of stops. Further, I think the number of stops should be 500. I don't think it is fair for users who have to pay the network analyst extension to get an analysis of more than 200 stops and if they are only using it on certain occasions. 

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Thank you for your feedback.

To be clear - If you're using Pro with a local network dataset or you stand up your own routing service on Enterprise, there is no hard limit to the number of stops per route.  

In ArcGIS Online, the limit is 150 stops per route. And if Pro is consuming the online routing service, the limit is also 150. The 200 limit you're referring to is most likely the Vehicle Routing Problem asynchronous service (used by the Plan Routes analysis tool) that has a limit of 200 orders per route.   This is a different, more complex solver than the simple route solver.  And it consumes more credits.  That being said, it's a good point that it appears to be inconsistent.

The limit of 150 stops per route was based on what we felt was a reasonable size for the use cases our route solver was designed to solve. I can see potentially bumping it up to 200 to be consistent with the Vehicle Routing Problem service, but we would need a compelling reason to make it higher than that.  

Can you provide more details on the problem you’re trying to solve? Are you optimizing the order of the stops? What is the spatial extent of the problem you’re trying to solve? What would the travel time typically be for such a route? Would you be using the synchronous or asynchronous service? What is your expectation for the response time?