FYI: ArcGIS Monitor Gallery

04-20-2018 12:57 PM

FYI: ArcGIS Monitor Gallery

If you're currently using ArcGIS Monitor, you may find this gallery of plug-ins, extensions, and tutorial videos useful. 

  • ArcGIS GeoEvent extension
  • License extension
  • ArcSoc Optimizer task
  • System Log Parser for ArcGIS Errors
  • URL extension
  • File Read Write extension
  • System Log Parser for ArcGIS task
  • HTTP Find String extension
  • SSL Certificate extension
  • HAR extension
  • System Log Parser for IIS task
  • System Log Parser for ELB task
  • Excel Report task
  • WebGIS Health
  • EgdbDataStore
  • EgdbSQL
  • EgdbOracle
  • Esri 3rd Party OSS-FOSS Software Acknowledgements
  • Python Extension example


  • Adding a System
  • Adding a DB
  • How to find ArcGIS Monitor documents
  • Adding Amazon
  • Adding a HTTP
  • Adding ArcGIS Server
  • Adding a process
  • Adding a Portal
  • Adding RDP

Hope this helps,


Hi Derek,

just one question, is there any extension to represent on a map the zones in may map service more requested by clients?


Hi Alberto,

There’s 2 extensions that can map the IP location for requests:

  1. System Log Parser for IIS

         2. System Log Parser for ELB (Amazon Elastic Load Balancer)

You can see examples of these extensions in the ArcGIS Monitor Demo site , under Categories > GeoInfo

Additional IIS log info can be summarized in to an Excel file by running the SystemLogsGUI.exe that comes with the System Log Parser for IIS extension. You can find it in <Drive>:\ArcGIS Monitor\Administrator\resources\app\bin\System Log Parser for IIS. Given the potentially large volume of log entries, the additional queries may run several minutes or longer, so are only sent to Excel, not to the web page...

System Log Parser for IIS

Hi John,

thanks for the info. I am already using those extensions but what i was trying to say is not about the location of the IP request, is about which geographical areas of my map service are being more demanded. Maybe i do not express myself well.


Hi Alberto,

To get the geographical areas of a map service that received requests, we would use the bounding boxes that were part of the requests. Currently, ArcGIS Server logs don't include bounding boxes, and this would require additional functionality being added to ArcGIS Server logging. After that, the System Log Parser extension could be enhanced to harvest the existing bounding boxes and report a count of the most frequently requested areas of the map.

I currently cannot login to this gallery to add a comment because it says I'm not a member of that organization. My profile is public. Do I need to just post my comment about one of the Gallery items on Geonet?

Hi Michael,

Yes, just post any comments about one of the Gallery items on Geonet. 

Best Regards,


I'm trying to access the downloads and PDF instructions, but I am not able to since I am not a member in the organization. How do I access the PDF to configure the License Manager extension?

Hi Jonathon,

We're currently experiencing technical issues with the download gallery. I will post an update when it's been resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Derek!

Hi Jonathon,

The download gallery issue has been fixed. Please try and access the content now.

Thanks for your patience.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Derek. I'm able to access the content now. Very impressed with the extensions provided thus far. 

The gallery link is broken

Hi Brian,

The gallery link is working for me. Can you please check again? Perhaps clear your web browser cache?

Hope this helps,

Good morning Derek,

When I click on the link it jumps immediately to a 404 page. 

The link goes to 

That then takes me to  Our county probably blocks the domain; weird because they don't block Twitter itself, just the shortcuts. I am checking on that.

When I type in the text as the URL which is works. 

Why would you put a link in the page but link it to

Anyway- thanks for the assistance.


Hi Brian,

> Why would you put a link in the page but link it to

I did not purposely add the "" domain to the URL link. It must have been added when I copied the link from a Twitter reference. Weird. I'm glad you got the issue sorted.


So much cool stuff out there.    I have configured the license extension for our concurrent license manager and was wondering if there is an extension that can do the same for our named users licenses.  All of our ArcGIS Pro licenses are names users authorized by our AGOL site and I would like to see the usage of these in addition to the concurrent ArcMap users we can currently view.   

I was considering creating one, but wanted to see if someone has already done so.



Hey @JohnGraham2,

Hope you're doing well!

I wondered what steps to upgrade the ArcGIS Monitor gallery extensions once I upgraded ArcGIS Monitor to version 10.8.1. None of the extension's readme pdf has the steps listed out on how to upgrade.

Any insight on this is greatly appreciated.




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