FAQ - General

12-01-2017 01:16 PM

FAQ - General

Q: When will ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.1 be released?

A: The ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.1 public release is planned for July 17, 2018.


Q: I am using a previous version of ArcGIS Server: can I use ArcGIS Monitor 10.6 with my environment?

A: Yes. It can monitor ArcGIS versions 10.2 and above. 


Q: Where can I preview the tools and features of ArcGIS Monitor?

A: Go to the public demo site to explore what ArcGIS Monitor has available.


Q: How is ArcGIS Monitor licensed?

A: ArcGIS Monitor is licensed based on cores of ArcGIS Server being monitored.


Q: How much will ArcGIS Monitor cost?

A: Please connect with your Esri Account Manager to discuss your specific requirements.


Q: Can I purchase ArcGIS Monitor if I am an international customer?

A: Please connect with your local Distributor to discuss licensing and pricing options.

Q: How can I get a free 30-day evaluation license for ArcGIS Monitor?

A: Contact your account manager to request a free 30-day evaluation license. We recommend getting it with a service package, such as ArcGIS Monitor Jumpstart              or Enterprise GIS Health Check to get the most benefit from the software evaluation.


Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about ArcGIS Monitor?

A: For installation and configuration of counter types included with ArcGIS Monitor, contact Esri Technical Support. For consulting support with extensions, data analysis, and in-depth report recommendations, contact Esri Professional Services. For general questions, email us at ArcGISMonitor@esri.com.


Can ArcGIS Monitor be used to audit access logs for security purposes - which users are accessing which services?  

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