ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 - Frequently Asked Questions

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ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 - Frequently Asked Questions



Q: When will ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 be released?

A: The ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 public release is planned in March 2019.


Q: I am using a previous version of ArcGIS Server: can I use ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 with my environment?

A: Yes. It can monitor ArcGIS Server versions 10.2 and above. 


Q: Where can I preview the tools and features of ArcGIS Monitor 10.7?

A: Go to the public demo site to explore what ArcGIS Monitor has available.


Q: How is ArcGIS Monitor licensed?

A: ArcGIS Monitor is licensed based on cores of ArcGIS Server being monitored.


Q: How much will ArcGIS Monitor cost?

A: Please connect with your Esri Account Manager to discuss your specific requirements.


Q: Can I purchase ArcGIS Monitor if I am an international customer?

A: Please connect with your local Distributor to discuss licensing and pricing options.


Q: How can I get a free 30-day evaluation license for ArcGIS Monitor?

A: Contact your account manager to request a free 30-day evaluation license. We recommend getting it with a service package, such as ArcGIS Monitor Jumpstart or Enterprise GIS Health Check to get the most benefit from the software evaluation.


Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about ArcGIS Monitor?

A: For installation and configuration of counter types included with ArcGIS

Monitorcontact Esri Technical Support. For consulting support with extensions, data

analysis, and in-depth report recommendations, contact Esri Professional Services. For

general questions, email us at


Installation and configuration

Q:           Where does ArcGIS Monitor get installed?

A:            On a dedicated Windows server class machine that does not host other production operations.


Q:           What operating systems are supported for installing ArcGIS Monitor?

A:            Refer to System Requirements.


Q:           What are the hardware requirements for ArcGIS Monitor?

A:           Refer to System Requirements.


Q:           What databases are supported for the ArcGIS Monitor data repository?

A:            Refer to System Requirements.


Q:           Can I install ArcGIS Monitor on a Virtual Machine?

A:            Yes, provided that the operating system for the VM and the host of the VM are both a supported operating system.

   Note: “Parallels” (Apple/Mac) is not a supported virtual environment with ArcGIS Monitor due to the implementation and design of Parallels as it lacks the required    support for Windows performance counters. Parallels does not support the Windows memory counters. When ArcGIS Monitor tries to collect, it hangs waiting for the       response from WMI. Therefore, you can’t use an Apple/Mac to create a Windows VM and deploy ArcGIS Monitor on the VM and expect it to work.


Q:           Do any components of ArcGIS Monitor get installed where ArcGIS Enterprise is installed?

A:            No. ArcGIS Monitor remotely connects to the target machine to gather information.


Q:           Can I install ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 on the same machine where I have ArcGIS Monitor 10.6 running?

A:            You can upgrade to ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 from 10.6 or 10.6.1. Only one version of ArcGIS Monitor should be running at a time.


Q:           Can I upgrade System Monitor 3.x to ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.x or 10.7?

A:           Refer to the How to: Upgrade from System Monitor to ArcGIS Monitor article.


Q:           Can I upgrade System Monitor 2.x or 1.x to ArcGIS Monitor?

A:            No. You will need to uninstall System Monitor following that version documentation. Then do a fresh install of ArcGIS Monitor.


Q:           After ArcGIS Monitor is installed, what is projected storage growth per month?

A:            Raw data is continually aggregated and truncated when 14 days old. Only aggregate data (day, month, year) is stored after that. So, the size of the database will            initially grow fast in the first 14 days and then stabilize. After you have 14 days of data, growth of 1 GB per month is typical.


Q:           What languages are supported for installing ArcGIS Monitor?

A:           Internationalization support was added in the 10.6.1 release for date, time, and number formats to improve the usability for international environments. Unicode               support was added for the installation, configuration, and data viewing of non-English usernames, passwords, labels, and input text.




Q:        What does ArcGIS Monitor do?

A:         ArcGIS Monitor collects data and information on the status, usage, availability, and resource utilization in your Enterprise GIS. It also provides alerts, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), email notifications, performance statistics, and reports for monitored systems and sites. ArcGIS Monitor provides value to administrators in detecting issues and providing quantifiable operational metrics and usage trends over time. For managers, ArcGIS Monitor reduces administration costs

            and increases communication among GIS and IT staff, as well as senior management.


Q:        What’s new in ArcGIS Monitor 10.7 product that was not in 10.6.x?

A:        New counter metrics in ArcGIS Monitor include:

  •     Log-CRITICAL, Log-SEVERE, and Log-WARNING for ArcGIS Server.
  •     Log-SEVERE, and Log-WARNING for Portal.
  •     DB Instance Class, Engine, and DB Status for Amazon counter when Amazon Relational. Database Service (RDS) is used.
  •     Reboot for the System counter to detect when a machine is rebooting.

             Other new features include:

  •     Silent install option at command line.
  •     Expanded status page with dashboard of counters grouped by counter type.
  •     Root Cause Analysis (RCA) page that identifies candidates of the root cause (sources) and the downstream impacts of the alert conditions.
  •     API to provide access to Collections, Alert, and Availability data in JSON format.
  •     New reports for Portal and ArcGIS Server including Log Severe, Log Warning, unused services, and Throughput (Tr/Sec) of services.
  •     New reports for the GeoEvent, License Manager, Usage, and Windows Events extensions.


 Q:       What counter types are included with ArcGIS Monitor?

 A:       System, Process, ArcGIS, Portal, DB, Http, RDP, Amazon. Refer to counters in ArcGIS Monitor.


Q:        Can I use other counter types with ArcGIS Monitor?

A:        Yes, 20 extensions are available from the ArcGIS Monitor Gallery to add more counter types:

  •     ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension
  •     ArcSOC Optimizer
  •     EgdbDataStore
  •     EgdbOracle
  •     EgdbPostgres
  •     EgdbSQL
  •     Excel Report
  •     File Read Write
  •     HAR
  •     License
  •     Portal Index
  •     Python Extension Example
  •     SSL Certificate
  •     System Log Parser for ArcGIS
  •     System Log Parser for Azure
  •     System Log Parser for ELB
  •     System Log Parser for IIS
  •     TestNetConnection
  •     WinEvent
  •     WinService

Q:        What types of Systems can I remotely monitor with ArcGIS Monitor?

A:        Windows operating system versions as follows: 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 7, 8.x, 10.

 Linux operating system monitoring requires user to have access to /proc folder, unrestricted read access to cat, awk, ls, grep commands. Only password authentication is supported: /etc/ssh/sshd_config

PasswordAuthentication yes

In addition, below is the supported cipher list for ssh used in linux counters:

'aes256-cbc', // OPTIONAL

'aes192-cbc', // OPTIONAL

'aes128-cbc', // RECOMMENDED

'aes256-ctr', // OPTIONAL

'aes192-ctr', // OPTIONAL

'aes128-ctr', // RECOMMENDED

'blowfish-cbc',// OPTIONAL

'3des-cbc', // REQUIRED



'cast128-cbc', // OPTIONAL

'arcfour' // OPTIONAL


Q:           What databases can I remotely monitor with ArcGIS Monitor via ODBC connection?

A:            SQL Server versionsOracle versionsPostgreSQL versions.


Q:           What versions of ArcGIS Server and Portal can be remotely monitored?

A:            10.2 or higher release.


Q:        How does ArcGIS Monitor handle Web Tier Authentication with Windows user/role store?

A:        In ArcGIS Monitor 10.6.1 and 10.7, you can conveniently use credentials of the Windows administrative users in the ArcGIS Server built-in store or Active Directory to authenticate for ArcGIS, Portal, and Http in both federated and non-federated environments. Secured ArcGIS Server services requiring a token can also use Windows authentication if the Windows user that is running the ArcGIS Monitor Service has authorization to access the target site or service.


Q:           What reports can I get from ArcGIS Monitor?

A:            The following report categories are available with ArcGIS Monitor.

  •     Web
  •     ArcGIS
  •     Database
  •     Infrastructure
  •     Usage
  •     GeoInfo
  •     User-defined
  •     License

After a counter type is added for monitoring, the appropriate category report will become populated. In addition, Excel reports and statistical summary reports for ArcGIS Server, Portal, and GeoEvent are available for a specified time range. Note that some counters require an extension to be downloaded and configured from the ArcGIS Monitor Gallery.


Kind've stinks that ArcGIS Monitor is not part of the ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment. I'm perplexed why there is a cost associated with ArcGIS Monitor as well.

In theory if an ESRI customer deploys ArcGIS Monitor it will allow ArcGIS customers to identify issues quicker. It would also cut down on ESRI Customer Care and ESRI staff time working with clients trying to trouble shoot service disruptions. Lastly, it seems a little unfair that customers have to buy a product to identify which ESRI software component isn't working.

John, great point on how it could save Tech Support time. Can anyone provide how much Monitor costs?

Don't really like to discuss $. It can change depending on jurisdiction, I.e. Local, State, Federal, Private Sector, etc. Generally Speaking $10k for 4 cores (ArcGIS Server) + $2k for additional 4 cores (additonal ArcGIS Servers). ArcGIS Server is $4,000/year, plus $500 per additional core of ArcGIS Server.

Of course. Just wondering ball park. Hm. Well that's not nothing as they say. 

This says that licensing is by the number of cores of ArcGIS Server being monitored.  What about the other components that are monitored?  Do those count against the licensing?  I'm thinking of things like databases or extensions (License Manager and others) or Portal.

They best way to get that answered is by your Esri account manager.

If you need help finding out who that is, please send me a PM.

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