Is there a plan to introduce the functionality of the S-57 Viewer add-in to ArcGIS Pro in the near future?

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01-23-2018 11:43 AM
by Anonymous User
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This is a very useful tool in desktop, but we are attempting to migrate our workflow to Pro.

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Hi Johan,

As you may recognize, the priority in the team's software development is to prepare for the S-100 future in ArcGIS Pro, and while many organizations are maintaining current S-57 ENC, these can be hosted in the ArcGIS for Maritime: Server product as Tom DePuyt‌ pointed out, and this provides the live service for search and analytics through web apps. Creating a large geodatabase of nautical features is what we do with Charting, of course, and migrating that functionality to ArcGIS Pro for S-57/S-63 is a lower priority than building the new functionality for S-100.  

Is there specific analysis that you need to do with S-57/63? Perhaps the Professional Services implementation team can help define a more compact workflow.


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Always ask to move from arcmap to arcgis pro but, still lack basic need or reports in the future.

Maybe S-100 is the future but, for now the chart are in s57.

For a few times now I try to start using pro but, like always, basic features lack in pro for simple cartographic work. 

Very frustrating.  Have again to wait again to move at Pro.  Maybe pro will be useful before my retirement.


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Just checking if there is any status update of when the S57 Viewer functionality in ArcMap will be available in ArcGIS Pro?



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More comments/requests for the ArcMap S-57 Viewer functionality in the ArcGIS Pro Ideas board,