NOAA Nautical Charts Transformed: Powered by Esri's ArcGIS Maritime!

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On April 1, 2021, NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey released NOAA Custom Chart version 1.0, a dynamic map tool which enables users to create their own paper and PDF nautical charts derived from the official NOAA electronic navigational chart (NOAA ENC®), NOAA’s premier nautical chart product.

This is a brilliant use-case study, where NOAA’s custom chart builder is an ArcGIS Maritime solution.



NOAA looks forward to future enhancements, which include improved compass rose placement, enhanced text labels, options for use of additional types of chart symbology, and a subscription service where users can store chart download information and download updated versions when necessary. We are also in discussions with our Print on Demand (POD) chart vendors about the ability to provide printing services of NOAA Custom Charts in the future.

NOAA Coast Survey's Chief of Marine Charting encourages navigators and others to try the new Custom Chart tool in this podcast.

Contact Esri’s ArcGIS Maritime team if you are interested in seeing how something similar could benefit your agency!

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NOAA also published this podcast interview of Coast Survey's Chief of Marine Charting, Captain Edward J (EJ) Van Den Ameele, who explains the tradition and interest in continuing to have a paper nautical chart while also preparing for future services. The improved Custom Chart tool  will enable new approaches to serving non-navigational users, too!  

"EJ Van Den Ameele: You know, I’ve always liked advancements in technology, while certainly honoring the tradition of nautical charts, so I think it’s exciting because we’re trying to do both. We’re trying to honor the purpose of nautical charts, the tradition of nautical charts, but do it in a modernized way. It really enables users to have the most up to date information, as well as to better specify exactly what their needs are and what they want from the custom chart. So I think it’s exciting to see and try to meet both of those needs and requirements."

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