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02-01-2021 12:08 PM
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You all have been successfully using ArcGIS Bathymetry functionality in ArcMap for years. We are looking for feedback from users and potential users to gauge how you use the ArcMap solution. 

And.... What would your expectations be for ArcGIS Bathymetry in ArcGIS Pro?

Let's connect, and let us know!

We're listening!

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I haven't used it, but would like to. More tools helping to create the metadata that's used to define the sounding data would help tremendously. My data lacks the specific type of metadata required, but an automated tool to help build the required metadata from some other data source would actually make the investment in time pay off for me.

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Thanks for your feedback Daniel and your participation in our survey! I have forwarded the information to the Maritime Team.

Thanks for helping us make our products better!

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I would definitely take a free course in bathymetry if it was offered.  I've used ArcGIS Pro in the past and I'm confident I would use ArcGIS Bathymetry if it was available.  I would like to do a project tracking offshore sediment accumulation in the infamous hypoxic areas in the gulf of Mexico near the mouth of the Mississippi River.

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Hi Nathaniel,

It might help to be more specific about the types of questions you would like to ask about sedimentation and hypoxia, and how they relate to the use of ArcGIS Bathymetry in addition to ArcGIS Pro spatial analytic capabilities. I also recommend looking at the variety of recorded videos, many from the Ocean, Weather, and Climate Fora from past years', that you can find on Esri's Events channel with keyword search. For example, the first hit is a presentation by Heather Vollmer of APTIM of their LASAAP beta last year  - 

Thanks, Guy

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I appreciate your suggestions and I agree that I should eventually ask more
specific research questions. I had come up with the idea on the spot when
I saw this LinkedIn post this morning, but there's no reason why this can't
be a more serious project. It looks like there's a lot to learn about
combining different datasets and using different ArcGIS tools based on the
video you sent.

Thank you!

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