Add "Maximize Button" to Mapboard & Compilation Windows (ArcGIS for Adobe)

06-30-2020 12:39 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I'd love to see a "Maximize Button" for the Mapboard & Compilation windows. I am routinely grabbing the corners of these boxes to make more of the content on each of them visible. Thanks!
Where a "Maximize Window" button could go


Hello Andrew,

Thank you for contacting us for the feature request. Illustrator panel doesn't support "Maximize Button".  You said you need to routinely resize the Mapboards/Compilation panel windows. Could you provide a little more information about that? Does docking the panel windows to the Illustrator app help?



Maps for Adobe Team


Hi Xingdong,

Thank-you for the response. If Illustrator panel does not support the Maximize Button, then I suppose this cannot be accommodated. The regular Adobe Illustrator program interface does allow a Maximize Window Button so I hoped that the Compliation and Mapboard windows (unique to the ArcGIS Maps for Adobe CC) could accommodate this as well. It is not a major issue as I can grab the corners of these windows and drag them to make the windows larger, but a quick button to maximize these windows would be a bit faster/easier. 

Thank-you for responding!